Lenny Primak





OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Pilot position. 



Over 20 years experience as a pilot.  Strive to have every one of my hours to be safe, different, challenging, and a learning experience.  No single hour needs to be the same as another.   My priority is to enhance safety, on-time performance and customer satisfaction.  I would like to be an asset to your company and to achieve these goals.


Certificates, Ratings & Licenses

-       Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

-       First Class Medical Certificate (Issued 4/3/2015)

-       Airplane Multi Engine Land (ATP)

-       Airplane Single Engine Land (ATP)

-       Rotorcraft-Helicopter (Private Privileges)

-       FCC Radio Operator’s License



4600+ hours total time, 3900+ hours multi engine, 450+ actual instrument, 4100+ cross country,

3800+ hours glass cockpit, 670+ single engine, 1490+ night, 90+ simulated instrument,

100+ helicopter, 750+ PIC, 810+ instrument approaches.


Aircraft: EMB-145, EMB-135, PA30, C172, PA28, C177RG, PA30, DA40, MO20, 300CB, PA28R, C182, PA44, PA34, R22

Simulators: Frasca 242



            ExpressJet Airlines, Inc – Part 121 Air Carrier – First Officer.

            Aircraft Flown: EMB-145, EMB-135

            Performed the First Officer Duties to the best of my abilities.  Assisted the Captain in all aspects of Aircraft Operation, maintaining safety and scheduled operation while learning as much as I could.  Based in Newark, NJ.  Furloughed 9/30/2008 through June 2010.



            Computer Consultant for various financial and software companies



-           Patent Number 6,389,448 - Load Balancing without a Dedicated Server

-           Patent Number 6,598,077 – Dynamic Content Routing

-           Patent Number 7,443,311 – Computer Security Chair Device




            Century Air – Multi Engine Simulator Training Course


            ATP – Multi Engine Training and Rating


            Music and Arts School for the Gifted – Kiev, Ukraine



Computer Architect, Programmer, Art Collector.




Furnished upon request.