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OBJECTIVE: To find a position that utilizes my software architecture, design and development skills to create software that fully benefits the user,

is reusable and maintainable



Experienced CTO, Software Architect and Developer.  Self-motivated and hard-working.

Very Strong Java, C/C++, Architecture/Object Oriented and Functional Design, Assembly, UNIX & Kernel Programming, Internet Tools, Development, Documentation and team-based project support specializing in 99.999% uptime and massively scalable server software.  Experienced in Software Components, APIs, Design Pattern application and mining, software refactoring for re-use, performance improvement, framework and programming tooling application and development.  Design and development of components and applications that easily integrate with existing frameworks and interoperate with GUIs, Databases and Networks transparently and are documented using tools such as Wiki and UML.



Linux, MacOS X, UNIX C/C++, Windows, Java and Java EE (Applications, EJB/Swing/Beans/Rest Services, JNI), Payara / GlassFish, WebLogic, WebSphere, Oracle, Sybase, Internet Tools (in-depth, kernel level TCP/IP), WWW, HTML5, HTTP, XML, DevOps (Ansible)




            President & Software Architect, Flow Logix, Inc.

Spearheaded an end-to-end software solution for a Transportation/Logistics Company.  Duties included managing a small team of developers, software architecture, debugging, picking development tools and libraries, 24/7 support and 99.999% uptime.

Also included DevOps, Open Source contribution and patches, interacting with staff gathering user stories (over 1000) and translating them into usable, maintainable code.

This was all done remotely from our offices, and is running in production for over 13 years with great success.

Technologies included Java EE / Payara / GlassFish, Shiro Security APIs and JSF with PrimeFaces.



            Commercial Airline Pilot Š ExpressJet Airlines (United Express)

Fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming an airline pilot.



            President & Chief Technology Officer, WARP Solutions, Inc.

Managed a development team of 40 people, including development teams in the USA, Russia and India.

Invented, Designed & Developed the Patented WARP Load Balancer application, including Kernel-level, TCP/IP driver needed to intercept TCP requests and redirect them to the least loaded server.  The kernel driver is multi-threaded, common-code multi-platform driver that runs on Linux, Solaris, Win2k, BSD Unix, MacOS X and Compaq Tru64.  The WARP Load Balancer is the only load balancer in the industry that is completely peer-to-peer, where the load balancing decisions are distributed to all load balanced nodes, with no central load balancer device, allowing unparalleled scalability.

WARP Load Balancer is written using C++, Java/Swing GUI and CORBA.

Designed & Architected the WARP Content Distributor, which has the ability to atomically distribute content to a server cluster, and communicate with the WARP Load Balancer in real-time to atomically "switch over" to the new content.

WARP Content Distributor is written in C++, with a Java/Swing GUI and J2EE back-end.

Invented & Architected the Distributed Database Transaction Clusters, similar in features to the Oracle Real Application Clusters, but using a different approach that drops the requirement for Database Vendor Support.  DDTC engine will monitor update requests to the database, and will "stick" subsequent query requests for the updated data to the just-been-updated server, the one with the freshest content, until the master-to-master replication (which is also monitored) synchronizes the data with more servers.  The Engine will gradually "open the funnel" as it watches the replication take place, thus increasing that particular request's capacity.

Dynamic Cache Accelerator - WARP's current main product, is a dynamic cache appliance, which caches dynamic requests (such as JSP, PHP, ASP) in a consistent way so that updates to underlying database or user requests that update the data will flush the cache properly and automatically, giving the users only fresh content.  Dynamic Cache Accelerator increases application server-based performance by up to 40x.  Dynamic Cache Accelerator is written in C++, CORBA and Java/Swing GUI and J2EE back-end.



            Sr. Architecture Consultant, Bear Stearns, Strike Electronics Communications Network.

Created a Web front-end to Strike ECN (Electronic Communications Network) using Java Applet and a back-end J2EE-based infrastructure using BEA WebLogic Server.  The WebLogic back-end uses CORBA to connect to the Strike back-end trading system.  The front-end has trade entry, NASDAQ Level 2, Trade History and Execution screens.  All information is presented in real time.

One of the unique features of the Strike ECN Web front-end is it's ability to display real-time information through corporate firewalls, which was accomplished by creating HTTP response tunnel for the real-time data.



            Sr. Architecture Consultant, Various Wall Street Investment Banks

Specialized in Real-Time trading systems, worked on correctly architecting and improving performance of the BankÕs real-time trading platforms.



-           Dynamic Directory

-           Load Balancing

-           Dynamic Caching



Member, Design Patterns Study Group, NYC

-           Singleton Revisited - Reverse Destruction Order in C++

-           Finite State Machine - Transition Machine

-           64-bit safe Asynchronous Completion Token

-           Asynchronous Database Access Patterns



-           Thread-sharing, Chunked I/O for Massive Scalability (upcoming)

-       Designing Object Oriented Software for the User - a guide to creating reusable event driven concurrent software architecture, 1998

-       Reusable Event Driven Framework and Infrastructure Development for GUI and Networking in C++, 1997

-           Developing Semi-Synchronous GUI Operations, 1997


Other Projects

-           Dynamic Directory - Complete peer-to-peer self-contained directory

-           Distributed Locking Infrastructure

-       Auto Negotiation Infrastructure - Negotiate anything in real-time

-       Reliable Multicast infrastructure capable of pumping 40 Megabits per second (10 client scenario) on a 100Mbps network in C++




Helicopter Pilot, Art Collector.




Furnished upon request.