Lenny Primak
Lenny Primak was born on June 12, 1974 in Kiev, Ukraine.  At the age of 3, Lenny started studying violin, and went to the school for gifted children in Kiev, specializing in violin and piano.  At the age of 7, Lenny was an accomplished violin player, winning a number of Ukrainian and finished in the top 6 in a number of National (USSR) competitions.  
At the age of 12, Lenny’s parents decided to leave USSR.  In order to come to the U.S., Lenny and his family had to go through Austria and Italy.  While in Italy, Lenny had an opportunity to take a computer class.  Lenny always loved technology, but he has never seen a computer before, and he jumped at the chance to learn the computer.  At the age of 13, Lenny came to the United States with his parents, and settled in New York City.  He continued his violin studies, while continuing to study computers, especially computer programming.  
Lenny got his first professional programming job at an age of 16, where he refined his computer programming knowledge and got his first taste of how to develop computer programs for paying customers.  
At the age of 18, Lenny got his first financial services company job at CS First Boston, where he got involved in a unique environment of services to the trading business units.  
At age 19, Lenny got his Private Pilot Certificate in Airplanes, and soon thereafter he got an Instrument Rating.  Lenny loves to travel by airplane and uses it every chance he gets for day or weekend trips and some business trips.  At 22, Lenny has become a consultant specializing in financial industry software development.  
In his spare time, Lenny developed a framework for Distributed Computing.
Lenny started his own software company, WARP Solutions, at the age of 26.  In his role as President and CTO, his experience with Distributed Computing helped WARP create a number of revolutionary products.  
Lenny has a number of patents pending and granted to him.  
At 27, Lenny got his Helicopter Rating, and uses the helicopter for sightseeing and entertaining.  
In 2007 and 2008, Lenny flew 50-seat regional airliners for Continental Express.
Currently, Lenny is working on a number of business opportunities, in the areas of Presentations, Manufacturing and Financial Services.